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Mark Twain Award

The Mark Twain Award is an annual children's choice award sponsored by the Missouri Association of School Librarians. 

Purpose: The purpose of the Show Me Readers Award is to provide children of Missouri with a recommended reading list of literature that will enrich their lives.  It is designed for students in grades four through six.

Who May Vote: Children in grades four through six are eligible to vote for their favorite book if they have read or had read to them a minimum of four books on the current master list.

Voting: By March students in grades four through six may vote for the book they liked best.   The winner of the award is announced in April.

2011-2012 Nominees

Berlin, Eric. The Potato Chip Puzzles.

Jonell, Lynne. Secret of Zoom.

Kehret, Peg. Runaway Twin.

LaFleur, Suzanne. Love, Aubrey.

Lupica, Mike. Million-Dollar Throw.

Mass, Wendy. 11 Birthdays..

Messner, Kate. Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z.

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Faith, Hope, and Ivy June.

Parry, Rosanne. Heart of a Shepherd.

Pitchford, Dean. Captain Nobody.

Platt, Chris. Storm Chaser.

Scaletta, Kurtis. Mudville.