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Guidance and Counseling Office

​​​​​Hello, Lancers! 

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On the Calendar below you will find dates for: 

  • ​​Guidance & Counseling Events (Deadlines, Advisement, etc.)
  • School-wide Events​​​​​ (Open House, Conferences, etc.)
  • Testing Dates (ACT, SAT, EOC, PSAT, Finals, etc.)
  • ​College Representative Visits- Students need to sign up in room 121 to attend
  • LHS Speaker Series events 


Mrs. Marybeth Desloge* Department Chair (Last Names: Mici-Schar) 
Mrs. Sarah​ Hicks​ (Last Names: Schas-Z)
Mrs. Nicole Buesse (Last Names: Damj-Hofs)
Mr. James Waeckerl​e (Last Names: A-Dami)
Mrs. Stephanie Mullins (Last Names: Hoft-Mich) 

Guidance Department Secretary
​​Mrs. Stephanie Dolan

Social Worker​
Mrs. Cindy Laudel​​​

College & Career Specialists​
Mrs. Cheryl Egan (Last Names: L - Z)
Mrs. Stephanie Nesler (Last Names: A - K)

College & Career ​Secretary
Mrs. Donna Hagemeier

Mrs. Felicia Smith​

Mrs. Jessica Brawner - A+/ Testing​ Coordinator
Mrs. Mary Mueller - Director of College Test Preparation

A+/ Testing Secretary
Mrs. LuAnn Most ​

Youth in Need ​Therapist
​Sam​​uel Bethel​​ ​


 Contact Information

  • Brawner, Jessica
    Grade/Department: Guidance - A+/Testing Coordinator
    Phone: 636-733-4130
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  • Buesse, Nicole
    Grade/Department: Guidance Counselor (Last Names: Damj-Hofs)
    Phone: 636- 733-4125
    Send Email

  • Desloge, Marybeth
    Grade/Department: Guidance Counselor (Last Names: Mici-Schar)
    Phone: 636-733-4125
    Send Email

  • Dolan, Stephanie
    Grade/Department: Guidance Secretary
    Phone: 636- 733-4125
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  • Egan, Cheryl
    Grade/Department: Guidance - College Admissions Specialist
    Phone: 636-733-4127
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  • Hagemeier, Donna
    Grade/Department: College and Career Secretary
    Phone: 636-733-4127
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  • Hicks, Sarah
    Grade/Department: Guidance Counselor (Last Names: Schas-Z)
    Phone: 636- 733-4125
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  • Laudel, Cindy
    Grade/Department: Guidance - Social Worker
    Phone: 636-733-4100 x16134
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  • Mueller, Mary
    Grade/Department: Guidance -ACT Prep Coordinator
    Phone: 636-733-4133
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  • Mullins, Stephanie
    Grade/Department: Guidance Counselor (Last Names: Hoft-Mich)
    Phone: 636- 733-4125
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  • Nesler, Stephanie
    Grade/Department: Guidance-College Admissions Specialist
    Phone: 636-733-4127
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  • Smith, Felicia
    Grade/Department: Registrar
    Phone: 636-733-4135
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  • Waeckerle, James
    Grade/Department: Guidance Counselor (Last Names: A-Dami)
    Phone: 636- 733-4125
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 SAT Website
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