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Fundraising & Community Partnerships


We want you to be part of 

Blue's Club!


Blue’s Club is Babler PTO’s alternative to having multiple “wrapping paper/candy/ magazine” fundraisers thr​oughout the school year.   We ask parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, community members, etc. to make a donation to the Babler Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). ​

  • 100% of your donation benefits Babler Elementary.
  • Don’t forget to check with your employer – they may have a company match program.
  • A portion of your donation may be tax-deductible.​


Looks for the  Blue's Club table at Curriculum Night!  Donations can be accepted in the form of a check or with a credit card.  Thank you ahead of time for all your support!!!​​


Other Ways to Fundraise:​

Amazon Smile Amazon Smile Image.png

Fundraising made EASY!  Earn money for Babler Elementary PTO simply by shopping at Amazon Smile instead of just Amazon.  ​Click on the link below and 0.5% of elligible Amazon Smile purchases goes straight back to Babler Elementary PTO.  W

Don't forget to bookmark the website for future shopping.

Schnucks eScrip

Fundraising made EASY!  Earn money for Babler Elementary simply by shopping.  Up to 3% of your grocery bill is given directly back to our school.  Get started today! 

  1. Just pick up a Schnucks eScrip card either from the school office or from the customer service desk at Schnucks. 
  2. Activate your card on-line at or call the 800 # listed on the front of the card.
  3. Choose Babler Elementary as one of your designated groups to receive up to 3% of your total purchase.
  4. Hand your card to the cashier at ANY time during your checkout process.
  5. Watch the dollars ADD up!

 If you have any questions, just contact one of the PTO board members!

Box Tops For Education

You can make a difference for your school every time you shop for groceries! You can clip 10¢ Box Tops coupons from hundreds of your favorite products such as Cheerios®, Betty Crocker®, Juicy Juice®, Ziploc®, Kleenex®, Hefty® and more!

Box Tops for Education helps Babler Elementary earn cash for things we need.  Each Box Top clipped earns 10​¢, which really adds up when lots of families participate.  Don't forget to tell your relatives to collect, too.   Our Student Ambassadors now play a large part in preparting the Box Tops for submission, which means they also get to help decide how to use the money for the school!

Just send the Box Tops (preferably taped to a collection sheet) into school with your student to give to their teacher or drop off in the Blue Box Top bin in​​ the lobby.  

Click here for a collection sheet.  ​

Campbell's Labels for Education

The Campbell’s Labels for Education program is a great way to get FREE educational tools for our school! 

Participating in the program is easy — simply save proofs of purchase (or lids) from participating Campbell products, send them to Babler with your student to deposit them in the blue Campbell’s collection bin located inside the lobby. 

Visit for a complete list of eligible products, community pledges, point values and more.

Entertainment Books

The Babler PTO sells Entertainment Books for $30 every fall as a service for our patrons.  We are able to offer Entertainment Books for almost every major city throughout the United States through online ordering. 

Some of the items funds raised through Fundraising afforded

our students and staff in 2014-2015:

AmountWho is servedItem Expensed
$2,000.00Entire Student Body6 Dell Chrome Books for the Library
$2,700.00Entire Student Body 2 new cameras – one for the Library & one for the Office
$2,300.00Entire Student BodyTime Magazine subscriptions for all students 2015-2016 school year
$4,800.00Entire Student Body (Yearly)Transportation for 2 Field Trips for each class (fully funded by the PTO)
$2,000.00Entire Student BodyAccelerated Reader
$14,000.00Entire Student Body & Staff50 Dell Chrome Books  - to be placed on 2 carts to be checked out by classes


 Fundraising Pictures

​​​​Our Blue's Club goals for the 
2015-2016 scool year:
  • ​​​​$12,000
  • 100% participation by Babler Families