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Drug-Free Coalition

​​​Rockwood Drug-Free Coalition provides leadership, education and resources to prevent and address substance abuse among youth. 

Funding is provided through a federal Drug-Free Communities grant award, as well as state and private foundation awards and in-kind contributions from many community partners. 

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 Thank you to all students who particiapted in this year's PSA video and poster contest, and to all teachers who supported the program. Congratulations to this year's contest winners!  View all winning entries here and complete photo gallery of students here.


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Prom "Safe Celebration" Campaign

April can be a high risk time for area teens as they attend prom and post-prom festivities.  Our coalition works with Rockwood School District and community partners to raise awareness on this time of increased underage drinking risk by sharing a community-wide message intended to reach both adults and youth.  We want students to celebrate safe and sober, and parents to provide alcohol-free environments for their children to do so.  View parent tip sheet and prosecuting attorney letter here.


Did you know? ... 

Rockwood School District offers a tipline to report safety concerns, including reports​​ of underage drinking and drug use.  Reports can be made via a mobile app or this browser link:


Permanent Medication Drop Boxes in the Rockwood Area:

Ballwin Police Dept., 300 Park Dr. (off Manchester Rd.)

Eureka Police Dept., 120 City Hall Dr. (Hwy 109 south of I-44)

St. Louis County Police - West County Precinct, 232 Vance Rd, Valley Park (Hwy 141 and I-44)


What can parents and other caring adults do to help reduce the likelihood that children engage in risky behavior? They can help youth develop building blocks of healthy development. These are known as 40 Developmental Assets. Visit our resource page for more information.


Important facts for parents to know: 

* The average age of first use of alcohol is age 12.

* The average age of first use of marijuana is age 13.

* Early and regular use of marijuana can cause an 8 point permanent drop in  IQ

* E-cigarettes can be used to smoke marijuana and synthetic drugs

* Fewer kids use when adults refuse


Where are you getting your information on marijuana?

  • Regular users can experience a drop in IQ of 8 points
  • Early users are 4 times more likely to become addicted
  • THC levels in marijuana today are much higher than a generation ago
  • Age 13 is the average age of first marijuana use in Missouri
  • Legalizing and regulating alcohol has not prevented minors from consuming it. The same will likely be true with marijuana.
  • Tax revenues generated from legalized marijuana sales will not even begin to offset the cost to society in lost productivity and health care.

Think again about the impact of legal marijuana in the state of Missouri.


Monitoring Marijuana's Momentum in Missouri

Marijuana has been one of the leading topics of discussion for media outlets, debates, town hall meetings, and most recently, public policy and legislation in Missouri.  As a result, many people are confused by the language, unsure of the facts, and divided in their beliefs. 

In this 19-minute video, Detective Sgt. Jason Grellner, past president of Missouri's Narcotics Officers' Association, discusses the current legislation, ballot initiatives, the latest developments, and other current actions of marijuana's biggest proponent, Show-me Cannabis.  He also provides an update on which bills are gaining momentum, and what concerned citizens can do in response.  Watch Video 

Visit our Resources page for more information and new updates.


September 28 - October 4 was Rockwood Drug-Free Coalition Week!

View the Board of Education meeting video for comments by Dr. Knost and directors  recognizing the coalition for prevention programs provided to Rockwood youth and families:

 Missouri Coalition of the Year


Rockwood Drug-Free Coalition was recognized as the 2013 Coalition of the Year by ACT Missouri and the Missouri Division of Behavioral Health. The award – presented at the November 2013 year-end annual substance abuse prevention conference in Lake Ozarks, Missouri – honors a coalition that has demonstrated sustained excellence in the areas of community outreach, advocacy, media, education and training.  In March 2014, Rockwood School District recognized the coalition for this distinction.


Congratulations to Renee Heney who received NCADA's 2014 Community Service Award at the prevention leader's annual Spring Luncheon.


Visit the pages at left for valuable youth and adult resources, including hotlines, tip sheets, assessment services, prevention programs and more. 

E-cigarette use is on the rise, for both nicotine and marijuana vaping. Learn more about risks by visiting our Resource and Current News pages.


Webinars and videos related to substance abuse and prevention:


  View this 1-hour must-see webcast.  Additional webcasts on marijuana, heroin, other prescription drugs and underage drinking are also a​vailable through this link.


Anatomy of an Overdose: This 20-minute St. Louis-produced video on heroin is available for school and community viewing.



Medication Abuse               Medication Take-Back Events​     Social Hosting Ordinances 


Youth involvement is a critical component of substance abuse prevention.  We encourage teens to serve as student advisors to the coalition and as mentors to younger students.  We provide leadership training and seek engagement in all aspects of our strategic planning and program implementation.


If you need resources on substance abuse, or the number of a hotline, click here. 



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by Renee Heney
 3/26/2015 11:32 AM
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Coalition Staff

Heney, Renee
Drug-Free Coalition Director
Phone: 636-733-2136
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Coalition Leadership

Bengtson, Nancy 
Executive Committee Co-Chair

Dr. Kirti Mehrotra
Executive Committee Co-Chair
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Meyer, Jim
Past Exec Comm

We would like to thank the many businesses and organizations that have supported our prevention efforts.


Coalition board members Nancy Bengston, Jenny Armbruster, Renee Heney and Earl Barge at Missouri ''Champions of Prevention'' conference with General Arthur Dean, CADCA President, and Chuck Daugherty, ACT MO Executive Director.

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