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Rockwood Safety and Security Measures

The Rockwood School District continues to refine its crisis response planning to be vigilant about the safety of its students and employees. During recent years, the district has spent considerable time and effort in planning and practicing safety and security measures appropriate for addressing a major critical incident. Among these measures are:

  1. Close coordination and emergency planning with local emergency responders, including police and fire departments and St. Louis County Health Department.
  2. Comprehensive district wide crisis management plan.
  3. Individual school crisis plans, updated within last 12 months.
  4. Employee training in crisis management and communication.
  5. Local police officers, as school resource officers, present in all secondary schools.
  6. Visitor check-in policy
  7. Intruder alert systems installed in all schools.
  8. Surveillance cameras in all school buildings and outside parking lots.
  9. Bullying prevention programs as part of Character Education programs.
  10. District safety committee conducts random safety checks on school facilities.
  11. School door numbering project to aid public safety response.
  12. Door access technology to aid is in visitor control for all elementary and middle schools.
  13. Identification of HAZMAT sites in St. Louis County and revision of school crisis plans to address HAZMAT issues.

For more information Rockwood School District emergency preparedness, go to the Emergency Preparedness page.