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How to Use the eBackpack

The eBackpack has many features that make finding the information you need as convenient as possible.  Use this guide to learn how to bookmark the eBackpack, subscribe to an RSS feed that brings all of your school information to you, and take advantage of the Community Resource Center.

Bookmark This Page 
On every school’s eBackpack, you will find a star at the top of the page.  
Click on this star to save the eBackpack to your “Favorites” list in your browser. 
To bookmark a specific teacher website or page within the website, click “Bookmark Page” in the upper right corner of any page on the teacher website. 

Subscribe to Rockwood RSS Feeds
If you are tired of checking for updates on your eBackpack or other areas of your school website, subscribe to an RSS feed that pushes important information to you.  Learn how to receive announcements, calendar and principal blog updates automatically.

Take Advantage of Community Resource Center Programs and Offers.
The Community Resource Center is an online tool for community organizations to share information electronically with parents and patrons instead of printing paper copies for schools. Every school has its own Community Resource Center with information specific to the school’s community.  Learn more...