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9th Grade Principal - AnnMarie Gilman
March 26
Prop 4 and STEM education

If you consider yourself an informed citizen, you are aware of a national effort to improve STEM Education throughout the United States. President ​Obama asked public educators to make improvements in STEM education so that America’s students are able to compete in the global community. 

Across the U.S., districts are answering that call to enable all students to learn deeply and think critically in science and math​. As Rockwood works to improve programs supporting STEM education, we are asking our community to help us, help our kids. 

​Hear our Superintendent, Dr. Eric Knost speak to this issue and how PROP 4 will support the STEM initiative by redesigning learning environments in science.

March 24
Welcome Back!

Coming back to classes and routine after a break can be challenging. Remember to do the basic things to get back into the swing of school. 

Return to your regular sleep and wake times, eat breakfast, drink plenty of water and get exercise regularly. Following the basics is a good way to keep up with your responsibilities. 

If you are currently in Spring Sports, it is essential that you manage your time well so you are able keep up with the demands of school, family and athletics. 

February 13
Prop 4 Information

For more information, please see Rockwood's website, or Facebook page.​

February 10
2015 ROSE Award Nominees

​Eureka High School is full of excellent staff! Many of whom were recently nominated for the Rockwood Outstanding Service in Education, or ROSE Award.

For a complete listing of all nominated employees, please follow this link.

Congratulations to the following EHS ROSE nominees:

  • Deborah Asher - Principal

  • John Deavers - SSD

  • Tina Hilliard​ - SSD

  • Sandy Kearney - Guidance

  • Colleen Lofgreen - Math

  • Diane Lucas - FACS

  • Kara Mueller - Language Arts

  • Jeanette Oberg - French

  • Molly Smith - Guidance

  • Robyn Stellhorn - Art

We are so very proud of you!

February 04
Niche ranked Rockwood R-VI School District 4th in MO for Best School Districts!

Rockwood has yet, another feather in it's cap! Our district has been ranked #4 in Missouri, according to ​

Contributing factors include:

Academics, Health and Safety, Parent/Student Surveys of Overall Experience, Student Culture and Diversity, Teacher's Grade, among several others. 

For a complete list, see Rankings from Niche​.

January 21
Choosing to Lead!

I am so proud of the work our students do, both in and out of the classroom. One such example of outstanding  leadership has been in the works for a few months now. 

Last semester, several Jr./Sr. students approached me about wanting to support a few 9th grade boys who were struggling academically, behaviorally, and/or socially. These upperclassmen students saw a lot of themselves in the 9th graders, and wanted to be the peer mentors they wished they had when they were younger.

Since that time, 4 seniors: LaRonn Woods, Dimitrius Marks, Chaun Smith, Mike Hill, and 1 junior: Leon Hale, have been meeting with EHS staff to plan the mentoring group. They identified 9th grade students to meet with during lunch hours and began this week. They are calling their group "Fellowship of Young Men" or FYM.  

I applaud each of these outstanding young men for the intention and commitment ​behind this effort. They are great examples of Wildcat excellence! I am excited to see what comes from this endeavor, and know the freshman boys are in very capable hands!

I'll keep you posted!

January 07
Happy New Year and Welcome back!

January events and news:

  • As of TODAY, Semester 1 grades are available on Infinite Campus. Please check your student's grade report, and contact the appropriate grade level office or teacher if you have questions. 

  • As the calendar flipped and 2015 arrived, we are planning for next school year. Next week on Monday, January 12th, EHS will host our annual Curriculum Night. This event allows prospective, as well as current, EHS families the opportunity to learn about enrollment, course offerings, and scheduling. Make plans to attend! ​

  • Grade level principal's hosted Class meetings this week to address various topics pertinent to each grade level. Class Meeting presentations are here​.

  • ​​​​​Late Start dates in January: ​12th and 26th.

  • No School Monday, January 19th

December 15
Note to PARENTS and Final Exam Schedule (Winter)

​Below is the schedule for this week's final exams. 

I want to make you aware of a few very important policies during final exams. 

  • Freshman are not eligible to exempt an exam.​​​

  • Students may NOT take exams early. ​

  • Students are NOT allowed to be dismissed early from an exam. This creates a disruption and is not allowed. Please make arrangements to pick up your student AFTER the exam period is over. 

  • If a student misses an exam, and the absence is EXCUSED, they may take the exam during the make-up dates in January, 2015. 

​​​Good Luck to everyone!

Winter final exam schedule.pdf

December 15
Here we go....Finals week is here!

It is incredible to believe our students are almost finished with 1st semester. ​In case you aren't aware...Final exams begin tomorrow! 

Here are my top 5 tips for better performance on your exams.


1. PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE. This week is high stakes for many students; your phone is a distraction you cannot afford.

2. GET AT LEAST 6 HOURS OF SLEEP. Pulling an "all-nighter" works against your brains ability to think clearly and remain focused.

3. DRINK WATER. You need to stay well-hydrated, especially when under stress. Your brain needs water to think clearly and remain focused. 

4. CREATE A STUDY SCHEDULE, and stick to it. Set priorities giving the most difficult material the top slot. If you organized your study materials a few weeks ago when I suggested, this will be easy. (If not, you need to ORGANIZE FIRST.)


5. RELAX. Take a deep breath and do your best. Staying positive will allow your brain to settle and remain focused. Begin with what you know. Complete as much of the exam as possible, skipping questions if you can't immediately think of the answer. MARK these items to return to.

If allowed, ask for clarification on the items you are unsure of.

Once you complete an exam, let your brain rest a bit (15 min or so), then begin to look over material for the next exam (if allowed). ​


November 25
Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hope you have a chance to relax and enjoy family and friends this week. Safe travels to all!


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