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9th Grade Principal Blog -
AnnMarie Gilman

Dec 11
"Final" push of the semester!

See what I did there? HA!


I want to encourage you to stay on course - this is the hardest time to keep your focus. So many things demand attention, but for a high school freshman, preparing for FINAL exams should be at the top of your list. I have had many students ask about exemptions - so here it is in writing...


Freshmen cannot exempt from final exams 1st semester.


I have added some study tips below that have been successful for hundreds of students, including my own children.


How do I prepare?


  1. Clarify with your teachers the content and format of your exam. You prepare differently for essays and objective questions.
  2. Collect notes, study guides, and important materials from each class.
  3. Organize your study materials so they are ready to use.
  4. Set aside time to work on each subject, beginning with the most difficult subject. Create a schedule for each class, setting priorities for the most demanding tests/classes.
  5. Study one subject for an hour, then take a break. You should get up, walk around and get a healthy snack. (When you study, your brain uses glucose - so refill the tank, but give your brain good energy like almonds, fruit or yogurt.) Repeat according to your schedule.
  6. Stretch often during study - you need to relax your muscles to create mental focus.
  7. Get 8 hours of rest before every day of exams. I know you think pulling an all-nighter is the answer, but that actually works against working memory.
  8. Drink WATER! Being dehydrated is the easiest way to forget things and lose focus. So whether you're studying for, or taking an exam - WATER is essential.
  9. Continue to study material until exam day.
  10. Once exam day arrives, RELAX. Stress works against your ability to remember details. Take a deep breath, stretch and get to work. If you get stuck, don't obsess over 1 item too long. Move on to another question and remember to come back later.

 Good Luck next week!


Nov 18
It's not too early to think about FINAL EXAMS!
With only a few days until Thanksgiving break, I wanted to remind students and families that we are but a few short weeks from semester finals. Freshman students have comprehensive, final exams in each of their classes. NOW is the time to begin organizing and preparing materials needed to effectively study. Many classes distribute exam study guides to help students focus on specific content. NHS Study slam dates are coming up, so be sure to listen/look for those announcements. Begin asking teachers if they have additional materials to help prepare, as well as dates they may be staying after school to help with final exam preparation. It takes planning and perseverance to ensure success on all of your exams.
Nov 07
Nature Calls!

I grew up in a time without remote controls, video games, or cable TV. Students are surprised when they hear this and ask "what did you do???" as if they cannot fathom an existence unplugged from electronics and 24 hour access to entertainment.

What did I do? I went outside; I played with dirt and worms, and learned to fish. Summers were filled with long, hot days swimming in creeks, catching crawfish, looking for tadpoles in all stages of growth; making forts and chasing squirrels were high on the list of adventures too. I remember those days fondly, and did my best to ensure my own children played outside as much as possible.

Recently, I was given a fascinating book called "Last Child in the Woods" by Richard Louv, a National Best Selling Author. His research points to the exposure to nature as an essential part of children’s physical well-being. I agree. So does Dianne Johnson, Science Department member at EHS.

Dianne is a true champion for Nature! She provides learning opportunities both in, and outside of her classroom. Below are a few recent pictures of her classes identifying local birds, experiencing spiders and larger reptiles! YIKES! But so exciting for our kids! Today, she took students to a floating classroom on a barge in the river!


SO grateful for her passion!

Nov 06
Hall Monitors Assosciation at EHS!

The picture below is of EHS' Hall Monitors and School Resource Officer. They are Audrey, Dan, Mike (SRO), Steve.


I am so grateful for the work this crew does! They are of such importance to our kids, our school and the natural rhythm of a school day. I value each for their unique contribution to the well-being of everyone in the building. From supervising students to assistance grade level offices, I am indebted. Thank you!


Nov 05
After School Policy/Library Use and Student ID requirement

As we begin a new season of athletics, I want to reiterate the After School Policy listed in the student Handbook (page 9).

  • Students are not to remain on campus after 3:30pm unless supervised by school personnel.
  • Only students participating in athletics, sponsored activities, in the library for study purposes, or with a teacher for tutoring may remain on campus.

New to the Policy for the remainder of the year:

  • All students staying after school must have their student ID with them.

If a student does not have an ID, contact your grade level office. Replacement ID's will be made available for a fee.


Violation of the After School Policy/Library Use will follow the discipline outlined in the Student Handbook.

Nov 04
Gratitude - Day 1
This is picture of Becky Stevenson, Language Arts teacher and department chair. This picture was taken at a recent football game where she sold Cats for a Cause shirts to raise money for cancer research. This is just one example of why I am grateful to know Becky Stevenson.
Becky has taught at Eureka for a long time and those who know her, realize how valuable she is! Like all of us, she faces obstacles. What makes Becky uniquely different is how she responds to setbacks. I admire her resilience and am grateful for her ability to stay focused on the things that really matter. :)
Nov 04
Gratitude Journey
As the calendar rolled to November, something changed. I noticed a seamless transition right into the holiday frenzy this past weekend. To be honest, I was saddened how quickly we shift focus and allow advertisers to distract us from the opportunity to demonstrate appreciation that epitomizes the season of Thanksgiving. In an effort to emphasize gratitude, I want to challenge each of us to recognize the numerous blessings that abound each and every day. My goal is to look for, and then acknowledge an act of kindness, an overlooked task, or simply to let someone know they truly matter. Come back and see what happens! I challenge you to join me on this gratitude journey; take a moment, and look for the good that surrounds all of us!
Oct 28
Upcoming 9th grade PTO meeting


PTO will hold the first parent meeting for the Class of 2017 in just a few weeks! Information regarding date, time and location will go out in an email soon. 

This will be an informational meeting about the PTO’s Class Representatives program, fundraising activities and Senior Celebration.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact EHS PTO Vice President of Classes – Becky Sparling via email: jlhsmom@sbcglobal.net

Oct 28
Practice ACT opportunity coming soon!
EHS is hosting a Practice ACT test on Saturday: November 9th. 9:00am - 1:00pm in room 727 A/B. The test is administered by Sylvan and is only $10.00!!!
Taking a practice exam has several benefits:
  • Highlight academic strengths
  • Highlight areas of academic weakness

Become familiar with

  • ACT test format
  • ACT style questions/readings
  • Time constraints for tested segments

Within a short period of time after testing, Sylvan provides personalized results and an opportunity for additional support. The information provided after the test gives your student a chance to target weaker academic areas before taking the test as a junior.

For more information, contact Diane Pfeiffer at 636.733.3119

Aug 27
Kudos to 2 amazing Freshman!

Eureka High School freshmen Kate Daniels and Tristan Pacino, attended a four-day conference sponsored by CADCA (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America) in Austin, TX before the start of this school year.  They worked with national leaders to develop a plan to address marijuana use in the Rockwood community. 

The students will use their knowledge to help develop a branded marijuana education campaign, targeted to both youth and adults, and to implement new intervention strategies in schools and neighborhoods.

Rockwwod Drug-Free Coalition provided scholarships for hte students.

AWESOME! You make EHS proud!

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