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​​ Principal - Deborah Asher, Ed.S.

Apr 10
EHS One of America's Most Challenging High Schools

FB-0.JPGWashington Post names its annual list of America's most challenging high schools.  Congratulations students, parents, teachers, support staff, administrators, and community.  Hats off to you!!!

Kudos to our sister high schools MHS, LHS & RSHS, too!

Rockwood Announcement

Washington Post Article

Missouri schools on the list:

1Metro Academic and ClassicalSt. Louis
2John Burroughs (P)St. Louis
3Ladue Horton WatkinsSt. Louis
4Rockwood SummitFenton
6LindberghSt. Louis
10Park Hill SeniorKansas City
11Park Hill SouthRiverside
12Parkway WestBallwin
13North Kansas CityNorth Kansas City


Apr 08
Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

AP Tests See Huge Increases Over Last Decade, according to The 10th annual AP report .  The College Board says this is a tribute to the growing number of students who have embraced the opportunity to challenge themselves AND educators who have provided the help to prepare them.  

​Increasing the non-traditional AP student enrollment has been a mission at Eureka High School the past three years, and our results are mirroring the AP report.  As we have increased the AP enrollment, including students never before taking upper level courses, the success rate of students has also increased.  

Rockwood was recognized by the College Board for this accomplishment.  One of six Missouri schools named to the AP Honor Roll.

Any student is eligible to take an honors or AP course at Eureka High School?  We believe that each and every student has the potential to achieve at higher levels, than they have before.  If a student has interest in the subject and is willing to step outside their comfort zone, we are here to help. There are a variety of supports in place to help students succeed.  

Please contact us if you have questions about course selections.     

The 10th Annual AP Report to the Nation​

The 10th Annual AP Report to the Nation-Missouri

Apr 07
Prom 2014



Apr 07
Congratulations Oddly Charged Particles

Left to right, back row: Mr. Ron Pittwood (coach/mentor), Ian Pittwood, Brendan Curran, Alex Roberds, Rob Eshelman; front row: Glenn Palmer, Kevin Johnston, Chris Novatny. 

Oddly Charged Particles competed this weekend in the FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) North Super Regional in Iowa City.  There were 72 teams from 15 states participating, 25 of which would qualify for the World Championship, which takes place April 23 – 26 at the Edward Jones Dome.  OCP finished 9th of 36 in their division, and were the first selection of the 3rd alliance captain.  They were the 12th team to qualify for World Championship.  This is the 8th time in 9 years that the team has qualified to compete at the World Championship. They continue to represent Marquette, Eureka, Rockwood, St. Louis and Missouri on an international level. 

Apr 01
Congratulations Abdi Haji - Beverly Hopkins Memorial Poetry Contest Finalist

Abdi Haji (Junior)

I am from

The deep jungles of Kakuma

Where men are more brave than the lions

Where women sing the warm Somali melodies

Where children come together to one spot with one call "Daka Daka"

Where we play until the moon moves to the middle of the sky or until we hear the calls of mom or dad

Where the trees are not very cordial when they slap and push you as you walk through them

Where villagers use their hands to hunt hyenas hungrily 

Where animals noisily hum, sing and scurry around our mud and stick house while we sleep

Where I wake up smelling the sweet baris and uji stew

Where mama' makes the tastiest basta makalongo a tongue can try

Where green grass sways like a glimmering emerald as we run barefoot on it playing a game of bolown

I am from a place where true freedom is given.


Mar 31
What Did You Do Friday Night?



EHS Student Equity Team (E2)

Participates in an

Evening of Cultural Learning.

Part 1: Dinner at Ranoush

Cam'ron Like, Adam Yancey, Cambryce Berry, Ashlynn Gunhus, Terry Harris, Jennifer Strauser, Elisha Strecker, Deborah Asher, Marvin Cunningham, Zoe McCarthy, and Corlena Hall. 

Zoe McCarthy, Corlena Hall, and Cortney Lassiter.

Adam Yancey, Cambryce Berry, Ashlynn Gunhus, Michelle Flavin, Terry Harris and Jennifer Strauser.

Zoe McCarthy, Corlena Hall, and Cortney Lassiter.

What was for dinner?  Hummus, Baba Ganuoush, Tabbouleh, Falafel, Kibbeh, Kalaj, Shish Tawuk, Beef Kafta, Grilled Shrimp, Arabic Fries, Kabis, Baklava,     and Mint tea.

Ranoush owner, Aboud Alhamid demonstrating his talents for the camera.  Aboud and his staff added a great deal to our evening.  They were very gracious in answering questions.  It was a wonderful Middle Eastern dinner which included a variety of cultures and religions around the table.


Read more about Ranoush.  Aboud is grateful to be here in the land of opportunity, realizing his dream of building cultural connections between the East and West through food and enjoyment.  He certainly succeeded in fulfilling some of this dream with E2. 

Part ​2: An Hour With Rabbi Michael Alper 

Deborah Asher,Cam'ron Like, Cortney Lassiter, Terry Harris, Zoe McCarthy, Michelle Flavin, Marvin Cunningham, Ashlynn Gunhus,  Cambryce Berry, Rabbi Michael, Adam Yancey,  and Corlena Hall.

Rabbi Michael answered questions ranging from  Singer/Actor Drake's Jewishness, what do Jesus and the New Testament play in Judaism, to Orthodox Judaism's different "looks". 

Needless to say an hour was not long enough for all the questions.

Part 3: Shabbat Service

Congretation Temple Israel, Rabbi Feder, Rabbi Michael, and the music of HaShemesh.  We thank them for making E2 feel so welcome.

​It was a fantastic night learning more about each other and about new friends. 

In one short evening we enjoyed the company of those from different faiths (Christian, Juadism, Muslum, Protestant, Catholic, Bahai, non-demoninational). 

We experineced the food & culture of the Middle East as well as a Jewish Shabbat Service.

E2 is changing the world.  One conversation at a time.  Thanks everyone who particpated.

FR: Tommy Leonard, Zoe McCarthy, Ashlynn Gunhus, & Marvin Cunningham.

MR: Corlena Hall, Cambryce Berry, Adam Yancey.

BR: Cam'ron Like, Cortney Lassiter, Mikalya Colenburg, & Rabbi Michael Alper.

Not pictured: Deborah Asher, Jennifer Strauser, and Terry Harris.


Mar 27
Congratulations Molly Smith Rockwood High School Counselor of the Year

​EHS is proud to have the RSD Counselor of the Year, Molly Smith!  Mrs. Smith does great things for EHS students.  Congratulations, Mrs. Smith!!!!

Molly COY.jpgMrs. Smith celebrating with her husband Eric and their sons, Tim and Ben.Molly COY 1.jpgMrs. Smith celebrating with Kristy Raymond, Debbie Gegg, Jeff Buckman, and Debbie Grimshaw. 


Mar 23
EHS Students Compete in St. Louis Teen Talent Competition 2014

Haylee will be competing in the finals.  For more information use the following link:  SLTTC_2014_Finals_release_FINAL.docx

Ellie Bennett, 9th grade, singer/pianist
​Emily Newhouse, 12th grade, singer
​Haylee Capstick, 11th grader, singer/guitarist


Mar 23
Congratulations Scholars Alex Roberds & Harry Guo

Roberds, AlexGuo, Harry (Chelingxi) 

​Missouri Scholars 100 is a program sponsored by the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals. Schools across Missouri, in which the principal is a member of MASSP, were invited to nominate candidates for this state wide recognition. Each student nominated had to first meet criteria designed to assure the academic strength of the student. To meet the requirements, the student must have:

  • minimum GPA of 3.750
  • minimum ACT of 29 or a minimum SAT of 1,900
  • ranked in the upper ten percent of the class
  • taken upper level courses in MA, SCI, LA and WL
  • The student must also have excellent attendance, be an exemplary school citizen, and be involved in the school activity program.
Mar 13
The Sounds of Spring

What sound lets you know spring is here?  Birds singing?  Rain falling?  Wind blowing?  For me I know spring has arrived the first time a leave the building in the evening and hear balls making contact with bats. 

Somehow it makes the grass greener and the sky more blue.  It is one of the happiest sounds I know. 



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