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December 12
Final Exam Week Info


Dear Parents,

Thank you for a great 1st semester!  As we move into final exam week,  please be aware of the following protocols:

  • Students must have an excused absence from a grade-level principal to make up a final exam.  
  • In order to protect the testing environment, students must remain in their classrooms during the entire 2-hour block of final exams.  
  • Guidelines for students checking out of school:
    • Students can only check out at the end of the assigned exam time.
    • Students must have a note from a parent. 
    • Students should have IDs ready when checking out.
  • To expedite check outs, students without IDs and/or notes from parents will check out after the other students.
  • Buses will run their regular routes before school and at the 12:26 dismissal time.

Remember that December 16, 17, 18 and 19 are modified schedule days.  The 16th will be a full day and the 5th hour final will be given in the morning.  The 17-19 are half days.  See final exam schedule below.

Happy Holidays,

Deborah Asher

Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - 5th Hour Final Exam Day


                                5th Period (Final Exam)                      8:16-10:16

                                1st Period                                             10:22-10:57

                                4th Period (Lunch)                              11:03-12:21

                                2nd Period                                            12:27-1:02

                                3rd Period                                             1:08-1:43

                                6th Period                                             1:49-2:24

                                7th Period                                             2:30-3:05


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

 Final Examinations               1st   Hour            8:16 a.m.-10:16 a.m.

                                           2nd  Hour            10:26 a.m.-12:26 p.m.                                               

Thursday, December 18, 2014

 Final Examinations                    3rd  Hour               8:16 a.m.-10:16 a.m.

                                           4th  Hour            10:26 a.m.-12:26 p.m.                                          

 Friday, December 19, 2014 

 Final Examinations               6th  Hour             8:16 a.m.-10:16 a.m.

                                           7th  Hour             10:26 a.m.-12:26 p.m.

December 10
#OneEureka Facilitators


December 10
#OneEureka 11th & 12th Grade Participants


December 10
#OneEureka 9th & 10th Grade Participants


December 10
#OneEureka #EurekaWillTalk

What powerful conversations did you have today between 8:00-9:15 a.m.?  Around 100 EHS students participated in a student initiated, student led, and all volunteer reflective conversation.  Students shared their experiences and their feelings without judgment​.  If you want to understand how to talk to each other and not at each other take a cue from these amazing students! Student goals included:
  • Want to hear others' sides and experiences
  • Voices need to be heard
  • Be part of something to help
  • If we don't do something, nothing will ever change
  • Interested in social change
  • We're all members of this community; we need to be involved together
  • Learn new things
  • Topic needs to be talked about; learning and teaching
  • Want to help people start a conversation in a safe place where people can share without feeling judged
  • Interested in current events, city is in the spotlight; see how people our age can help with conversations
  • Good to discuss among diverse people





December 09
Attention 2014 Graduates and Parents of 2014 Graduates

Rockwood is inviting all 2014 Eureka High School graduates to tell us about their post-graduate plans. Last May, just prior to high school graduation, our seniors took a questionnaire that shared their plans for college and career. Now, it’s time to review and verify the responses.

Parents, you can help by sharing this information with your son or daughter. Encourage them to check their email and participate in this process. 

Graduates, it will only take a few minutes to complete.  You’ll receive an email the week of Dec. 8 with a summary of your previous responses and instructions on how to verify or make changes.

Thanks for your participation. Learn more on our website.

November 25
Thankful for EHS Students and Staff

Dear Parents,

I wanted you to know that we are well at EHS and are thankful for each other.   During a very stressful time for our community, our students and staff are doing what we do best:  caring for each other.  I know many emotions are rising to the surface right now.  I also know that my story is my story, and your story is your story.  We owe it to each other to value one another's stories and to genuinely seek to understand them. 

The death of Mike Brown and the subsequent grand jury decision has caused a high level of anxiety,  and many "what if" questions have come up from students and parents.  It is impossible to play out every scenario; however, there are some things I know for sure:

  • Current events are on students' minds and they may want and/or need to talk.
    • Our counselors and administrators will be available to talk to students if they need someone to talk to.
  • It will come up as a topic in some classrooms. 
    • Student voices should be valued within the context of the educational process.
    • Being understanding of everyone's feelings and emotions is extremely important.  There must be respect for everyone at all times.
    • Conversations should promote healing and not increase frustration and/or anxiety.
  • Supervision of students will continue.
    • Student safety continues to be the highest priority.
    • Decisions regarding school activities will be made as proactively as possible based on the most current information.

We, as a faculty, set the tone for our school.  Our response will be one of care and support for all of our students.  In the immediate future we have one job in our school: to provide a safe environment for all no matter where their (or our) beliefs fall.  To accomplish this, we will stay up to date with the current news and be proactive in ensuring a safe environment.

Regardless of what transpires in our community at large, or regardless of our personal opinions, it is our duty to ensure that EHS continues to be a safe haven and sanctuary for all.



Deborah D. Asher, Ed.S.

Eureka High School Principal

Principal Blog and Twitter

Character is only defined by the decisions you make when all could be lost.

November 19
Eureka High School Ranked 3rd In Missouri

Niche annually assesses educational institutions using multiple categories.  EHS was ranked as follows in Missouri in the 2014:

  • ​State Ranking  3rd
  • Safety 2nd
  • Administration 2nd
  • Academics 3rd
  • Teachers 3rd
  • Sports 7th
  • Extracurricular 11th
To see complete rankings and information use one of the two links below:

November 16
Girls Varsity Basketball Team Contributes to Toys for Tots

The girls basketball team contributed toys for the Toys for Tots Program at the Jamboree at Lindbergh High School, November 14. Way to go team!Girls BB.JPG

November 03
Congratulations Alec Lang

Alec Lang has been accepted into the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra. Acceptance into this orchestra is a huge accomplishment for any young musician. Take pride in what your student has accomplished.Alec Lang.jpg

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