LaSalle Springs Middle
3300 Highway 109, Wildwood, MO 63038
Phone (636) 733-4200
6th Grade Seeker


Team teachers left to right: Amanda Delmain, Dave Borzillo, Mary Ann Moosmann, Hope DeClue, Jason Neal, Bergen Toth, Diana Stiefer, and Patti Dean.


The Seeker Team Welcomes You!
This school year promises many experiences, exciting and new!
Camping, fishing, leadership and more....
Learning new things and challenging yourself like never before!!

We look forward to having the opportunity to help your child learn and grow. We are here to support your child academically and socially, and we will provide leadership opportunities throughout the school year.

Helpful Information

Communication: The 6th Grade Seeker Team encourages parents to contact them if they have a question or concern. Please note the directory on the right navigation column that includes phone, e-mail addresses, and links to teacher websites. Best time to call is during team plan time 12:05 – 12:30 p.m. Tuesday and Friday.

Homework: Please choose the team homework website for updated information for classes.

Extra Help- Do you need help with a specific subject? Students are encouraged to speak with their teacher about setting up time to get additional help. Parents are welcome to contact teachers to assist with this as well.

Infinite Campus: Remember that a student’s grades, assignments, progress reports and report cards can be viewed on Infinite Campus. Parents: Please be sure you establish an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account that will connect you to your child’s academic progress.

Curriculum: Our focus is for all students to achieve and succeed in the classroom.
View the curriculum by subject matter on the Rockwood website.


 Contact Information

  • Borzillo, Dave
    Grade/Department: P. E. (6) Searchers/Seeker
    Phone: (636) 733-4200 x23672
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  • Dean, Patti
    Grade/Department: SSD Resource - (6) Seeker
    Phone: (636) 733-4200 x23628
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  • DeClue, Hope
    Grade/Department: LangArts(6) Seekers
    Phone: (636) 733-4200 x41608
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  • Delmain, Amanda
    Grade/Department: LangArts (6) Seekers
    Phone: (636) 733-4200 x41606
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  • Moosmann, Maryanne
    Grade/Department: Science (6) Seeker
    Phone: (636) 733-4200 x41612
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  • Neal, Jason
    Grade/Department: Math (6) Seeker
    Phone: (636) 733-4200 x41610
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  • Pyles, Sherri
    Grade/Department: Counselor 8th Grade & 6th Seekers
    Phone: (636) 733-4227
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  • Stiefer, Diana
    Grade/Department: P. E. (6) Searchers/Seeker
    Phone: (636) 733-4200 x41300
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  • Toth, Bergen
    Grade/Department: Social Studies (6) Seekers
    Phone: (636) 733-4200 x41604
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