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Prop S: Board Approves $38.4 Million Bond Issue for the April 2 Ballot
The Board of Education unanimously approved a $38.4 million no-tax rate increase bond issue for the April 2 ballot.  Named Prop S, this bond issue reflects the priorities identified by participants during Picture Rockwood workshops and the feedback collected from our community. 

Prop S supports three priority areas: safety, technology and facility maintenance/improvements.  The referendum would not require an increase to the district’s current debt service tax rate of 68 cents per $100 of assessed valuation of real and personal property. 

During the January 17 meeting, the Board reviewed and amended the proposed resolution to include an additional $1.8 million for improvements to kitchens/cafeterias at Stanton and Uthoff Valley Elementary Schools. 

“Picture Rockwood enabled us to hear from parents, patrons and staff regarding the direction they would like the district to take in planning for the future,” said Janet Strate, president of the School Board.  “Our community has shown us what priorities they hold for our schools, and the projects included on Prop S are aligned with these priorities.” 

A four-sevenths (57.14 percent) majority is necessary for passage on April 2.

View the list below for the projects included on Prop S.


Proposition S 



Update security cameras

Add 200 more security cameras

Upgrade public address systems

Provide generator back-up for phone systems

Install visitor/ID security system

Install new locking system for interior classroom doors

Update fire sprinkling system to meet code required at time of building renovations

Provide safety modifications, including: establish visitor "check-in" centers at all schools, construct a security wall for the gym-to-field area at Eureka High, reconfigure/renovate the front entrance and cafeteria at Rockwood Summit



**These technology projects and associated costs are for a two-year time period

Replace obsolete computers

Replace projection devices, interactive white (SMART boards) and amplification systems that are no longer functional

Replace aged network equipment and switches and upgrade server storage areas

Upgrade network wiring



Preventive maintenance districtwide - roofs, flooring, equipment, paving, electrical systems (**These projects and associated costs are for a two-year time period)

Replace Eureka High locker rooms to accommodate usage and meet ADA requirements

Renovate the existing kitchen/cafeteria space at Eureka Elementary, Stanton Elementary and Uthoff Valley Elementary to address safety and service issues

Bond Issue Projects Oversight, Architectural and Engineering services, etc.

Total $38,400,000