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 Team Roster

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1/3/2015Greenville College3rd Place
1/4/2015Perryville Gyms1st Place
1/10/2015SW IL College3rd Place
1/11/2015Lafayette HS3rd in pool
1/25/2015Lafayette HS
2/7/2015Lafayette HS
2/8/2015Lafayette HS
2/14/2015America's Center, St. Louis
2/15/2015America's Center, St. Louis
2/16/2015America's Center, St. Louis
2/27/2015Denver, CO
2/28/2015Denver, CO
3/1/2015Denver, CO
3/14/2015Overland Com Ctr
3/15/2015TESL Center
3/29/2015TESL Center
4/3/2015Atlanta, GA
4/4/2015Atlanta, GA
4/5/2015Atlanta, GA
4/18/2015Various St. Louis
4/19/2015Various St. Louis
4/24/2015Minneapolis, MN
4/25/2015Minneapolis, MN
4/26/2015Minneapolis, MN
5/2/2015Various St. Louis

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