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Mister Lemur Poetry Writing Contest
The results are in for our Mister Lemur Poetry Writing Contest!  Congratulations are in order for our “Readers’ Choice” winners, whose online poetry was voted the best by their peers.  Our “Readers’ Choice” winners are:

1st Grade:  “Mr. Lemur’s Birthday Party” by Jessica Kellerman, Miranda Knittel, and Lauren Ahrens

2nd Grade:  “Bubbles” by Eliana Madalena, Farren Miller, and Ally Fitzgerald

3rd Grade:  “Little Ruffy and Big Old Scruffy” by Sarah Bergantz and Kylie Bensalah

4th Grade:  “Gumballs” by Kaitlyn Thomas and Olivia Garrison 

Two special Mister Lemur prizes were awarded to the best representations of a Mister Lemur story to:

3rd Grade:  “If I Could Go Back in Time” by Luke Roder and Michael Moen

4th Grade:  “Title Wave” by Megan Cline, Anna Warren, and David Pisoni

Congratulations to all of our wonderful poets for their excellent entries and Happy National Poetry Month!